My turn: Puddle fishing reels in surprise

Have you ever been puddle fishing? Ever catch anything? I did.

There were a few holes in the yard at my grandmother’s house back home. So when it rained — instant puddles. Imagine me with my fishing pole with a worm on a hook, waiting patiently for a bite.

Close to the house there was a patch of woods and a small brook. After a really heavy rain one summer the area flooded with about two feet of water.

A couple of days later I went out to fish in a hole in the yard. I got to a hole that was near the fence and much to my surprise when I dipped my baited hook, I had something on the other end because the line moved. It turned out to be a crayfish; a freshwater lobster that lived in the creek. The crayfish was stranded on the land after the water receded. It was holding onto the hook with its claw because it thought it was being attacked.

I showed it to my mom who was just as surprised as I was about my catch.