Live in the now of life

Remember those wonderful childhood dreams … When I grow up, I’m going to be …? As a small child, I dreamed of my knight in shining armor sweeping me away on that beautiful white charger. That “someday” finally came for me. I married my tall, dark and handsome knight, and he swept me away in his ’44 Ford.

We talked of having children someday. After five years that someday came. Mark, our firstborn, blessed our home. Then Lance, our middle son, brought extra joy.

Lane, our youngest, brought more blessings and completed our family. Someday seemed too far off for the boys to grow up. Those happy loving days of rock hunting, basketball games and band trips made “someday” seem like forever. Yet someday came, and it came fast.

The grandchildren we thought we would have someday grew fast, too. Now we have a “great-grand.”

People work hard and long, looking forward to that someday of retirement. For some, “someday” never reaches that fast-paced quest for security.

Our milestones of life are prefaced by “somedays.” Before we realize it, “someday” is here and many fail to live in the “now” of life.

So what do we do with the “somedays” we look forward to? We make today a “live-in-the-now day.” It’s a brand new day. It is filled with gems of sparkling sunshine. It comes with God’s gift of color in nature. This day is to be lived today. Live it, and the “trees of the field” will clap.” (Isaiah 55:12)

Today allow God’s many blessings to reign in your life. He is love. He is life. He is our breath and our heartbeat.

Make a definitive decision to stop negativity. Ailments like depression, high blood pressure and insomnia, to name a few, began with plain old “stinking thinking,” and that, dear friends, ruins a perfectly good day. Make happy thinking a habit.

Make new friends. They bring sunshine and sparkle into our lives.

Treat everyone as if this might be the very last time you see him or her on this earth.

Count your many blessings. I’ll say it again, “We always have more blessings than problems.

Be optimistic. Nothing is impossible with God. He can change any circumstances and turn them around for our good.

Be aware of God’s wonderful surprises today and the exciting life he has in store. God gives his children strength, joy and laughter to be lived in “today.” You find new concepts and ideas. You bask in the joy he freely bestows.

Paint this day as carefully as an artist designs a magnificent painting. With strokes of beauty, you will find an enthusiasm for life. Today you can be a representative of God on this earth and be the Bible others read.

Be the good today that overcomes the bad. Lose yourself in life. Saturate your minds to the extent you forget you exist. Make God glad he made you. Love him back. Praise him in the morning, noontide and evening. Early in the morning, pledge your life into his care. You can never be lost to his Spirit.

So let’s stop thinking about the “somedays.” Let us live in the “now today days.”

Of course we have goals in life, but don’t forget to live today. Realize all of us have “X” amount of time on planet earth

If Jesus is the “now” of life, we can live each day to the fullest because our lives are hidden in him.

The “somedays” should not take the place of today because living today makes life delicious! So let’s get out there and live today! Before you know it, you will have lived many happy days! That takes care of the “somedays.”