My turn: News broadcast crazy behind scenes

Ever wonder what happens behind the scenes when things go wrong during a live television newscast? Thanks to this week’s video, you’re about to find out.

A cable news network was covering the destruction of a tornado in Windsor, Colo., in December 2008. The news anchor is talking about a daycare center full of children that was in the tornado’s path.

When it’s time for the reporter to go live, she can’t hear the control room in her ear piece. So she stands there. And the microphone left on in the control room picks up the producer’s outburst … and broadcasts it to every viewer.

It’s obvious the anchor can hear every obscenity the producer is yelling, and she’s trying her hardest to pretend everyone watching doesn’t.

After buying a little time and stalling the audience with some video of the destruction, the reporter is able to hear the studio and the report goes on as normal.

As a broadcast journalism student myself, I’ve been on the receiving end of a similar outburst right before a newscast.

Yeah, it’s rough … but it’s the nature of the beast. I wouldn’t trade my career choice for the world.

Goin’ live:

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