My turn: Old shoes didn’t make the cut

By Helena Rodriguez: PNT columnist

As promised last week, here’s the story of how I unexpectedly got a new pair of shoes in second grade, and it wasn’t back-to-school, Christmas or Easter, the only times when we did get new clothes and new shoes.

One evening, mom took my sister Becky to the Gibson’s store for a new pair of shoes. She had a school program.

I told mom I wanted a new pair of shoes too, but she said no; my shoes, a worn pair of black-and-white sneakers, still had lots of walking left in them.

Now, I didn’t plan on getting a new pair of shoes, things just happened that way. I decided to “spiff up” my shoes, and so I took some scissors and cut out the backs of my sneakers, trying to make them into clogs. When mom returned from buying Becky new shoes, she discovered what I had done to my sneakers.

After a few choice words and a little rage, she took me to Gibson’s. I soon returned home with a nice pair of tan, leather-like shoes with flower imprints.

I was still upset from being scolded, but my Uncle Phillip was there and he nudged me, “Hey, that’s a great way to get a new pair of shoes.”