My turn: Local leaders saddle up

The stick horse race last year at the Live United on the Square Block Party is this week’s featured video.

The relay race begins as Portales Deputy Police Chief Lonnie Berry, Sheriff Darren Hooker and then Fire Chief John Bridges take off on their wooden thoroughbreds down the street. The three make it safely to the end, round the barrel and head back.

Midway on the return trip Bridges trips and falls, triggering a chain reaction causing Berry to fall, who almost takes out Hooker.

The three get to their feet and make the relay and the race goes on for the next three stick jockeys.

This is more than just a funny video of some public servants taking a spill. This shows the true dedication and commitment our first responders have to this community, beyond responding to a call for help.

I’ve lived several places throughout New Mexico, and I have never seen such a strong bond between the first responders and the community. It’s obvious our local emergency crews are in their profession for more than just a paycheck, and we should all be grateful.