My Turn: Updating Lennon’s lyrics

If John Lennon could update “Imagine,” here are a few of my unlyrical suggestions:

“Imagine respecting my beliefs, or non-beliefs, as much as you want me to respect yours.”

“Imagine taking a leap of faith, with no critical thinking, to believe everything I told you about ancient, contradictory anecdotes—sans support from modern knowledge.”

“Imagine not judging others by their genetics.”

“Imagine not caring who people married.”

“Imagine not giving others too much, or too little, credit because of their physical appearance.”

“Imagine being more impressed by intelligence than wealth or power.”

“Imagine the powerful switching with the powerless.”

“Imagine considering restraint more courageous than lashing out.”

“Imagine no one feeling superior to collateral-damaged cultures.”

“Imagine no one being indoctrinated by miseducated men who attack girls on their way to being educated.”

“Imagine valuing the humbleness of communicating over the arrogance of winning.”

“Imagine recognizing everyone’s challenges and aspirations.”

“Imagine perceiving others as complex individuals rather than simplistic labels.” “Imagine no one generalizing banalities about entire groups not being patriotic, religious or industrious enough.”

“Imagine speaking softer and listening harder.”

“Imagine walking in the cultural, geographical and genetic shoes of others.”

“Imagine respecting everyone.”

“Imagine not having to imagine…”