My Turn: Favorite book being made into movie

By Helena Rodriguez: PNT columnist

I’m totally ecstatic.

One of my all-time favorite books, “Bless Me Ultima,” is being made into a movie, a challenging project which will be hard to please devoted Rudolfo Anaya fans such as myself, and also critics. Anaya has plenty of both.

Anaya’s book has been hailed by critics, including Laura Bush, who places “Bless Me Ultima,” on her top 10 reads of all time.

On the other side, though, his coming-of-age novel has been banned by some school districts.

When I first picked up Anaya’s novel one summer, during my pre-teen years, it’s not a stretch to say this was a transforming work that motivated me to become a writer, too.

Since then, over the past two, going on three generations, Anaya has risen from the regional label of “Godfather of Chicano literature” to what I would call a great magical realist in American literature.

I was also excited to read that “Bless Me Ultima” will come to the stage of Marshall Auditorium in Clovis on Oct. 23 as a part of Clovis Community College’s Cultural Arts Series.

Some books transcend cultures, genres and generations. This is a provocative must-read that has earned a rightful place in the canon of American literature. Will the movie live up to the book?