New subdivision developers tout affordability

Jared Tucker

Developers say reasonable rent and affordable homes are their goals for a recently approved 104-lot subdivision across from the Portales Police Department.

The preliminary plat for the new neighborhood was approved by the city council Aug. 17, and according to the developer, the Boston Home Spot sub-division will be a good answer to the city’s lack of affordable housing.

“We see an opportunity and a void there to fill a need to get housing that’s not only good in quality but energy efficient… and to give people options. Right now if you look around town there’s not a lot of options for purchasing or renting quality housing,” said Joy Bailey, general manager of Portales Homes Supercenter.

Bailey said the company’s goal is to build homes that sell for under $100,000, and some that rent between $600-$800 per month, but that depends on the final price tag of installing utilities and developing the land.

“Our goal is to make it to where the working person can afford a new home,” Bailey said.

According to a video on the city’s website, the average home price in Portales is $135,000.

Bailey said Portales Homes Supercenter built four homes on two lots at Spruce and Boston streets. He said the homes were rented by military personnel before construction was complete.

“That’s what told us there’s a market in rentals,” Bailey said.

Portales Homes Supercenter owner Jane Christensen said the only hang-up in getting final approval for the plat is a study that’s being conducted about drainage issues. Christensen said once that study is complete, then construction can begin and will include either drainage ponds or curb drains along Boston Avenue.

The first eight homes will hopefully be completed by December, Christensen said, and the rate of construction after those are done will depend on demand.

Christensen is also changing the name of her business, she said. Portales Home Spot will offer real estate, manufactured housing, insurance and rentals.

Portales Planning Director Sammy Standefer said previously that new construction is beneficial to the city because the more rooftop numbers a city has, the more likely big companies are to look at Portales as a place to locate.

Boston Home Spot Sub-division goals:

• Starting home price: under $100,000

• Brand-new rental homes: $600-$800 monthly

• First eight homes completed by December