My turn: Kind of a snow news day

Jared Tucker

Remember when we all woke up Jan. 29 and found a ton of snow on the ground?

This week’s video selection brings me back to the frosty days of winter this year and from the looks of it, these students had a much better time then I did.

Eastern New Mexico University public relations major Clayton Carrell does a great job shooting and producing a video about the first snow day of the year. After some random shots from around campus of people having snowball fights and cleaning snow off of sidewalks, he decides to go sledding on the hill next to university arena.

That’s where he gets some pretty good video of people crashing as they sled down the hill and hit a ramp.

It’s a solid reminder for me to make sure I buy myself a sled this year, because I don’t want to miss out on that kind of fun. I’m sure my kids would have a blast, too.

I’d love to see more local videos on YouTube, by the way.

Snow Day: