Press release: ENMU’s Enrollment Surpasses 5,000 for First Time

PORTALES—Eastern New Mexico University in Portales has surpassed an enrollment of 5,000 for the first time in school history with 5,080 students. The previous record was 4,685 students in the 2009 fall semester, so this semester’s enrollment is an increase of 8.4 percent over that number. Before that, the previous record of 4,342 in the fall of 1972 had stood for 37 years.

Semester credit hours, the key to funding for higher education institutions in New Mexico, increased by seven percent.

ENMU’s record enrollment includes 4,090 undergraduate and 990 graduate students. These numbers include 1,396 freshmen and sophomores, 2,223 juniors and seniors and 990 graduate students. (Undergraduate totals do not match the totals for freshmen through seniors because of non-degree-seeking students.)

Campus housing is also bustling with approximately 1,050 students living on campus.

“We’re very happy with enrollment, in terms of numbers and quality,” said Steven Gamble, ENMU president. “We’re especially happy that the average ACT scores of our new freshmen is 20.2, which exceeds the state average of 20.0.”