My turn: There’s more than one way to fish

Clarence Plank

In my search for the unique and strange things when it comes to outdoor adventures, I happened to stumble on something that sounds like an interesting idea: R/C boat fishing.

Yep, you heard me right. Remote control boat fishing.

There are a couple of articles on the web about it and videos on YouTube.

I didn’t believe it at first but I changed my mind once I saw the videos. There are two-ways to use this trick.

First, attach a piece of fabric fastener to the remote control boat and the other side to your fishing line. The boat can carry your line out further then a normal cast might do. Once a fish bites on the hook the line falls away allowing you to reel in your catch.

The second is tying a line with a float and baited hook to the back of the boat. Once the you see the float moving you can move the boat to set the hook. Now, there is a chance you could lose your boat if the fish is too big because it will pull it under.

Clarence Plank is a writer with the Portales News-Tribune and can be reached at 356-4483 or by e-mail at