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State offering database access

The New Mexico State Library is offering a research database for junior high students in the state. A table of contents lists about 50 different categories and topics for student research. The URL is http://find.galegroup.com/menu/commonmenu.do?userGroupName=nm_s_portalesjhs

The password to access this information is


Bullying unacceptable

Counselor Matt Alvarado and Principal Steve Harris remind students of their acceptable behavior as outlined in the student guidelines. The consequences for “bullying” others are outlined in a four-level matrix. Additionally teachers are required to stop and report any incidents of “bullying” they may observe. Any reports of a student being bullied are documented and appropriate steps taken to prevent any more of that behavior. If students feel that they are a victim of a bully, they are to report the incident to a teacher or the counselor. The matter is then handled according to set school policy. School personnel do all that they can to ensure a pleasant educational experience for all students at Portales Junior High School.

Tutoring available

Students in need of extra help are invited to take advantage of the tutoring opportunities offered at Portales Jr. High. In general, tutoring sessions will last one hour, from 3:10 – 4:10 in the afternoon, and from 7-8 p.m. in the morning. The first 30 minutes of tutoring will be direct instruction on concepts needing reinforcement and the remaining time will be for homework assistance. Since tutoring opportunities at PJHS are outside of the normal school day, transportation home after tutoring in the afternoon is the responsibility of the parent or guardian.

The days and times for specific tutoring are as follows. Monday and Thursday afternoons – Veronica Ontiveros/seventh and eighth grade math. Tuesday and Wednesday mornings – Ruben Tellez/language assistance in math and language arts. Tuesday afternoons – Donna King/ eighth grade language arts, Donna Hammons/seventh grade English.

Information: 356-7045.