My turn: Fish not worth trip

There are just some places that were never meant to be great fishing spots and there is a reason.

Sometime ago Norm Behr, who works as a circulation assistant for the Clovis News Journal and Portales News-Tribune, was working in Colorado. He heard Palmer Lake in Colorado was going to be opened to anglers after years of being unfishable.

A year before they opened the lake, they gill-netted it to see what was in there. They found a lot of garbage fish: Carp, suckers and other bottom feeders.

Behr and some friends all went up there to try their luck. They spent hours fishing without a bite until one friend, a guy from Florida, started screaming and hollering.

“I caught one of them Colorado Crocodiles,” he shouted as he pulled something from the water.

It turned to be a six inch salamander. It got hooked as he was reeling in to recast his line.

They returned home disappointed.