Portales past: Oct. 3, 1953

Oct. 3, 1953 The Portales Daily News: J. Haler Strickland, manager of the Roswell Social Security Administration Office, was scheduled to be in Portales on Tuesday to assist Roosevelt County residents in making application for old-age or survivor benefits.

Portales past: Oct. 2, 1960

Oct. 2, 1960 The Portales News-Tribune: Carl White of Elkins had almost recovered from a snake bite he received on the Lusk Ranch the last of August.

Portales past: Oct. 1, 1947

Oct. 1, 1947 The Portales Daily News: A total of 371 Portales Valley farmers had signed their 1948 peanut allotment questionnaires up to the current date. They reported a total of 10,225.5 acres in peanuts for the 1947 crop.