My turn: ENMU events fun to cover

Alisa Boswell

This week was fun covering the events going on at ENMU for International Week.

Hopefully, my readers don’t think I am using my column as an advertising agent for all things ENMU, but their events have been some of the most fun to cover. I like seeing the excitement of the students and their cooperation level with interviews is amazing.

But I did discover a downside this week to covering events for a feature story rather than attending them for mention in my column. I can’t participate.

Music is something I love almost as much as my writing and covering the Wednesday night “Baila Con Mexico” event at ENMU was almost more than I could take.

Two of the university’s Mexican students were teaching participants a Mexican dance and the environment and the beat were contagious. I found myself continuously tapping my foot and swaying my hips as I moved around the room taking pictures. The desire to participate was overwhelming. But alas, to be a reporter is to be discreet.

More events I Iook forward to this weekend are the Freshman Showcase at ENMU and the Big Band Dance in Clovis.

If you like to laugh, check out the showcase. If you like music, check out the dance. Both promise to be fun.