My turn: Family dinner best show in town

Alisa Boswell

Last weekend was definitely a weekend for music and fun. Saturday night, I enjoyed going to the State Theater in Clovis for the “Big Band Dance.” The band played beautifully and from the looks of it, everyone there was having fun.

Not to mention, I had an excuse to wear my favorite formal dress and a chance to finally congratulate one of the cast members of ENMU’s Charlie Brown production on the success of the show.

I closed out my weekend by going to see the Freshman Showcase at the ENMU theater building Sunday afternoon. As always, the university’s freshman did not disappoint their audience. The students performed well and some of the characters played were priceless to watch, such as the “player” who continually hit on all of the actresses’ characters and the “cool guy” with the hat, who often burst out with melodramatic exclamations.

It was definitely a performance worth going to.

This weekend, there is not much going on in the way of entertainment due to the holidays, but nothing can beat the entertainment of a giant turkey dinner while surrounded by your family.

Next weekend, be sure to go check out the performance by the local band Borrowed Time at 7 p.m. Dec.. 4 at the Java Loft in Clovis.