Press release: Quality of Life focus groups volunteers needed

PORTALES, NM December 16, 2010 – The New Portales Quality of Life Committee will be holding focus groups at the end of January to address the perceived Quality of Life in Portales. The committee is looking for community residents to volunteer to participate.

Multiple groups are scheduled at various times of the day, and each group will meet for no more than two hours. Each group will be categorized based on related interests, such as education, activities and local businesses. We will be dedicating at least one group on students, parents and teachers associated with the local junior high and high schools, to get an idea of what activities and services needed. We will also be hosting groups interested in the local business community, community not-for-profit groups, religious institutions as well as a general interest group.

Community members interested in participating in these focus groups will be chosen randomly from all who volunteer. Interested volunteers are asked to submit their name, address, phone number, email address and primary interest/ community association