Home built on love can weather any storm

Joan Clayton

Build your house with love and joy that leads to peace. Even through trials and problems, God, who is honored, will never leave your house. A home committed to God has happy hearts.

When storm clouds come to this house, let singing break forth. Acknowledging and depending on God preserves our earthly bodies of clay. The storm crashing against this house will not move it, for those in this house are temples of God.

This house is calm in the eye of the storm, a refuge from the weary trials, for this house abides in “the secret place” and “under the shadow of the Almighty.” This house is a fortress from the storms of life because God is the Landlord.

This godly house is washed in the blood of the Lamb. Life and blessings go forth from this house. This house glorifies the Lord Jesus. Neither plague nor pestilence shall overcome here for the Lord Jesus Christ lives in its inhabitants.

God’s house shall stand for all eternity. Light illuminates this house, for God’s word is honored here. It is hidden in the hearts of those who love him. That word profits the hearer. Those who hear pass through this house marked for the eternal Kingdom.

This house is covered with immeasurable love. This house is shielded and protected from the outside fiery darts of the enemy because the King of Glory reigns here. This house is nailed with strength and the power of his might.

Lives who pass through this house are changed, and people are touched, for the eternal rays of hope shine in all of its magnificence. This house is cemented with strength and love. The Mighty God of Israel lives here. This house shall stand the test of time, shouting victory all the way to the realms of glory.

The Greater One dwells within these walls. Nothing … no storms … no pestilence … no trials … no circumstances … no sadness or sorrow shall ever tear this house down, because it is engraved in the palm of God’s own hands. Eternity will only reinforce this house as this house is cemented and sealed with love, paid for with the blood of the Lamb.

Prayers without ceasing permeate this house, being changed from glory to glory. Its walls have beauty with love. Its rooms are papered with compassion and forgiveness. Its roof shields and protects. Living water runs through this house. It portrays God’s beauty and is clothed with garments of righteousness and holiness. Its foundation is laid with love, joy and peace in the Holy One.

This house is filled with sunshine for the light of the Son continually brightens those who live here. This house is wired with the power of the Holy Spirit. This house has doors that open into arms of love. Other houses may crumble, but this house stands firm and secure

If you do not live in this house, you are welcome. Just knock on the door of your heart and invite the special guest.

His name is Jesus.