My turn: Concert to feature local talent

Alisa Boswell

I hope the rest of the local residents had as successful a Christmas as I did and were surrounded by many family and friends.

It made my year to be able to have my immediate family all together in one place for the first time in a while.

We had a wonderful time with every one of our cheesy traditions from the summer sausage and games on Christmas Eve to the chaos and disorder that was Christmas morning.

I have to say another enjoyable part of this holiday season was having the opportunity to experience the different charitable Christmas programs organized by local community members and businesses.

A lot of children and families in the local area were able to have a good Christmas because of them.

This weekend brings in the new year and I’m sure many private parties will be happening among friends.

Those of you wanting a more public setting with some great musical talent should go check out the concert being performed at Skin and Sacrifice on Main Street in Clovis where local metal bands For the Suffering, The Anima Process, Smells like Someone Died and Beneath the Skyline will be performing.

And most of all, Portales, remember to have a safe and happy New Year.