Wake up: Blessings are everywhere

Daily you and I seem to be bombarded with bad news. One would think it’s terrible to be alive! Seldom do we hear about the many good things in our lives.

I maintain we have many more blessings than problems.

Daily, God showers us with his goodness. I am reminded of the ten lepers in Luke 17. Jesus healed them all, but only one returned to say “thank you.” Wouldn’t you think the other nine would be overjoyed with thankfulness?

Find the blessings each morning. Thank God for your bed and a roof over your head. Many do not have that. Every night count the blessings you received that day. You will fall asleep before you have gone through your list. Be thankful you can breathe a deep, clear breath.

Appreciate God’s beauty in nature. I think New Mexico has sunrises and sunsets that cannot be equaled. I love them both. Birds greet the dawn with melodious praises to their Maker. The quietness out in the country at twilight is spectacular to me. God is putting nature to bed with a “holy hush.”

Friends and family are glistening diamonds in our lives. They are precious jewels straight from the heart of God. Let them know how special they are. From son to grandson, granddaughters and daughters-in-law…my husband ends his calls with “I love you!” Expressing love to those you love leaves memories of joy with no room for regrets.

So let’s celebrate the New Year with a deeper appreciation of our gift of life.

Again I say, “Life is Delicious.” Some of the concepts presented here help us to realize our many blessings, gifts that come from a loving God.

1. Live one day at a time. You can’t relive yesterday. It is gone. Neither can you live tomorrow. It is not here yet. Today is a gift. That is why it is called the “present.”

2. Count your many blessings. The world is full enough of trials. Why count them? Besides, they detract and blind us of the many good things.

3. Be a “giver,” not a “getter.” The givers are the real winners in this world. The “getters” are the real losers. Givers are happy people. Getters are never satisfied.

4. Look for the good. There is good in every situation. Find it. It will set your course on a straight path of appreciation while realizing many others are worse off than you.

5. Do a good deed every day. It is more fun if you do it anonymously. While driving down the highway one day, we came upon a man removing a large bag of trash that had landed in the middle of the road. It had scattered, yet he was picking up every piece. What a wonderful deed. “Thank you, whoever and wherever you are!”

6. Let nothing bother you. “Don’t worry about anything …” (Philippians 4:6-7 TLB). That’s it in a nutshell. Just present your needs to God and then trust him in peace and quiet rest.

7. Practice being happy. Every day we have a choice of our attitudes, and that makes a big difference in the way we see our world.

8. Learn to laugh. Having a sense of humor is a great blessing. “A merry heart doeth good like a medicine” (Proverbs 17:22).

9. Change criticism to praise. Build on the strengths, not weaknesses.

10. Let go and let God. He is caring, faithful and trustworthy, and has left a love letter for you, the Bible.

So let’s discover the blessings around us and be happy today. It’s a wonderful life!

I wouldn’t have missed it for anything!