My turn: Hunting reports due

With big-game hunting seasons coming to a close, it is important for hunters to get their harvest reports in.

Dan Williams, public information officer for New Mexico Department of Game and Fish, said the reports help wildlife biologist manage hunting seasons.

“Harvest reports are mandatory for all deer and elk hunters,” Williams said. “Hunters have a certain amount of time to get those in, but if they don’t then they’re not eligible for next year’s draw.”

The deadline for deer and elk is Feb. 15.

The reports help biologist to estimate game populations and determine hunters’ success ratio. Williams said it is a tool to helps Game and Fish determine how successful hunters are and in what areas.

“It also helps us to see how our efforts in habitat improvements are paying off,” Williams said. “And how our management strategies are paying off. A lot goes into to it because our biologists look at a lot of things.”

An example is how many animals can be sustained in one area before the habitat degrades, Williams said.