Church plans gospel concert

Argen Duncan

An area church is aiming to lift spirits with a free gospel music concert next weekend in Portales.

Calvary Tabernacle U.P.C. of Clovis holds weekly meeting at the Memorial Building, and Saturday, the church has planned a “Gospel Songfest” with a number of performers. Pastor Lawrence Thompson said the event would not only involve soloists and group performances by members of the congregation, but also songs with which the audience can sing along.

“They’ll get a spiritual uplifting,” Thompson said. “The ministry of music has a way of lifting people up out of their valleys of despair and hopelessness.”

For people on a mountain, he said, the music can let them see they “go from victory to victory.”

Thompson said his church has been meeting at 6:30 p.m. on Saturdays in the Memorial Building, in addition to their services in Clovis, for about four years. He said the songfest is an attempt to reach and bless more people.

The church has often brought in singers and musicians from out of town for something similar to the Gospel Songfest and had a good response, Thompson said.

“We are familiar with it and love Pentecostal singing,” he continued. “The worship comes from the heart.”

Grace Fair of Portales attends church with Calvary Tabernacle and plans to perform a solo of “God on the Mountain” at the songfest. She said she’s always sung and that particular song is meaningful to her.

“He’s God in the mountain, and He’s God in the valley. He’s God in the good times, and He’s God in the bad times,” Fair said.

Fair is raising her grandchildren, which she said is hard, especially in this day and age. She said she needs prayer and God in her life to manage.

Fair said the church’s music is just a bunch of people trying to get a blessing from God.

“It’s a family outing,” Fair said of the songfest. “It’s something that’s clean.”

She encouraged parents to come let their children enjoy the old-time gospel music.