My turn: Goodbye doesn’t have to be complicated

It always amazes me how the simplest forms of entertainment are some of the best. All it takes is a box of eight multi-colored markers and a large piece of white poster board and you instantly have the attention of eight fully grown people.

On Sunday, I attended a coworker’s going away party and I took a piece of poster board and some markers with me. I wrote “We will miss you” across the top of it in various bright colors then laid it on the table for everyone to sign.

One of the other party guests had a different plan in mind for the blank poster. He decided to ask the guest of honor what kind of picture he would like drawn then proceeded to draw it. Within 10 minutes everyone else at the party had joined in the fun of drawing various pictures on the poster.

More than an hour later, the end result was a picture of a field with a giraffe with razor sharp teeth, a bunny, an alligator, a spaceship with an alien commando hanging from it and more.

It just goes to show it’s the simple things in life that make you smile.