My turn: Readjustment takes time

I’m a creature of habit, I like my routines.

It is always so frustrating because when my hubby goes on short TDYs it takes approximately half the time he is gone to get used to doing things on my own, and then nearly twice the total days of his trip to get used to having him back.

I’m not sure how it is possible there can be such a kink in the math logic for the adapting period, but it seems like every military spouse I encounter feels similarly about the gone-then-home equation.

I do not mean to imply that I would rather have my honey away than at home. Quite the contrary.

I just hate the window on the back half of his trips. He gets used to doing things his own way, eating out, watching what he wants on TV and running his errands.

The first day back he is a teddy bear because he genuinely missed us all. He makes up for lost time in the hugs and kisses departments.

By day two, or so, the reality that there are diapers to be changed, laundry to be done, games to play, attention to give, crying for no particular reason, cartoons begging to be watched and stories to be read can get overwhelming.

I am willing to be flexible when these TDYs arise, because after deployments we all understand that it can be a much longer and more difficult change of pace.

I am grateful that the majority of his time is spent safely at home.