Senate needs to back House on recent votes

Freedom New Mexico

In recent days and weeks, the House of Representatives approved four major pieces of legislation that, if they become law, could stagger the big government mindset responsible for massive deficits and draconian regulations.

On three separate bills, the House overwhelmingly voted to prevent federal agencies from spending money to implement Obamacare, and to cut $61 billion from the federal budget and this week to cut off funding to the U.N.’s questionable global warming panel because it “whipped up a global frenzy about a phenomenon which is statistically questionable at best,” as Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer, R-Mo., put it. Controlled by Republicans since January, the House last month voted to rescind the health care law entirely. These votes show lawmakers heard outraged voters last November.

Whether the Senate, still under Democrats’ control, joins the effort or resists these changes is problematic. President Barack Obama also has promised to veto any legislation rescinding his signature health care reform, and hinted at vetoing spending cuts that harm “core government functions and investments.”

Certainly, it may be easier politically for House Republicans to support these bills if they are ultimately rejected in the Senate, or vetoed. If the bills don’t become law, representatives will have had the luxury of political cover for doing “the right thing” without being held responsible should there later be political backlash or unintended consequences to the laws.

Nevertheless, we believe it’s a good sign whenever lopsided majorities line up on the just side of issues. It’s now up to the Senate to approve these bills. We hope voters’ voices reverberate in that chamber, too.