ENMU hosts Junior Preview Day

Alisa Boswell

High school juniors swarmed the Eastern New Mexico University campus Saturday for a preview of college life.

Students talked to teachers and faculty and learned what makes ENMU tick during the annual Junior Review Day.

ENMU faculty and staff involved in the event said the group of high school students in attendance were ambitious and enthusiastic.

“I’m just thrilled that our own current students are here working this,” said Patti Dobson, professor of communication. “They’re the best PR we have.”

Dobson said many of the students in attendance showed interest in a journalism major and one Texas family in attendance had recently moved from Alaska where they had been recommended to the university by an ENMU communications graduate.

“Students see in the College of Fine Arts that not only do they get strong foundational training in each discipline,” said J. Kline, dean of the college. “But the synergy between the departments addresses the future of communication and the fine arts.”

Robin Casady, instructor of English, said more students than usual signed up for further information about the English program.

“They’re very excited and upbeat,” Casady said. “They seem like an ambitious bunch of juniors.”

Dale Streeter, professor of history, said interest was shown in many different subjects and venues during the afternoon job fair.

“That’s the point of education, is to expand horizons,” Streeter said. “That’s one of the attractions of Eastern is personal contact with teachers.”

Sarah Finch, a Clovis High School student, said she was glad she attended the event, because she learned a lot of new things about ENMU.

“If I hadn’t come, I never would have known the opportunities I have,” Finch said. “It’s definitely been positive. I have two top schools and this is one of them.”

Kaitlyn Carter, a student from Alamagordo High School, said she enjoyed the university’s hospitality and liked the sound of the Family and Consumer Sciences program.

“I’ve learned a lot and gotten a lot of information,” Carter said. “It’s definitely one of my top choices. I like the student-to-teacher ratio and that I can have more one-on-one time with my teachers.”

Steven Gamble, president of the university, said more than 100 students and parents came for the event and most seemed to react positively to the university’s environment.

“I think the Junior Review was very successful,” Gamble said. “In talking with parents and prospective students, I heard several comments about how effective the program is in communicating what ENMU is about. The highlight for them seemed to be the interaction with our faculty and our current students.”

Gamble said personal communication between students and faculty is important to ENMU and the Junior Review event was an excellent way to show this to prospective students.