My turn: Time change springs me back to life

I love Daylight Saving Time.

After getting used to brushing my teeth in rhythm with roosters DJ-ing “Good Morning Portales!” I take full advantage of the after-work sun.

My house, fence and yard always need work. And I will get around to them.

But, first, there are sports to catch up on.

Every Tuesday and Thursday at 5:30 p.m. Minnie Bresler, Steve and Jane Blakeley, Zhiming and Jane Liu, John and Patricia Holbrook, Brian Pasko, Sarah Wall, Jerry McMichael, Deedy Miller, Minh Tran, Jessica Eden and I play tennis at the university courts.

You are welcome to join us. What we lack in skill, we make-up for with wisecracking camaraderie.

I also need golfing partners on my level (I carry four putters for tees, fairways, bunkers and greens) for Clovis Municipal.

I’m currently over my head with pros like Doc Elder, John Kirby, Mike Maguire, Jay Kline, Brad McConnel, Steve Harmon, Larry Smith, Mike Chavez and Ty Walker.

Daylight Saving Time does make me feel for area ranchers. I’m sure the time change messes up chickens’ egg-laying and cows’ milk-giving.

Raised as an east Texas country boy, I’m practically a Sharna-Johnson-like expert on such matters. You can tell by my real-deal cowboy photo.

In the meantime, I’ve got weeds to mow — if my kite comes down in time.