Time change has lighter side

Well if you missed church you’re either a heathen, didn’t read my column first thing or just forgot to spring forward.

I’m actually looking forward to getting another hour of light on the end of the day. Normally, I’ve been in the other camp on this whole Daylight Saving thing — not happy about getting up in the dark. But my work schedule is such now I just might see the benefit of a little time to do yard work, maybe walk the dogs in the evening.

Something about the time change tends to start drawing people outdoors right away. Apricot trees are starting to bloom and if you can make it to the lake on a day when the wind’s not too bad the crappie might even be biting.

Granted, usually my lawn is showing more signs of green by now but I guess I was a little stingy with the water last fall. Who knew the only snow we would get all winter would be so wind-whipped that it wouldn’t contain a thimbleful of precipitation.

Even without any moisture all winter this pending spring holds promise. I can’t wait to start working on a garden. You would think after last summer’s crop failure at the Terry household I would be thinking of playing golf or buying a fishing boat, but no, when I smelled the moist earth after the sprinkler ran the other night the urge to dig came over me. I learned some things in the garden last year and I think the same mistakes won’t happen again. Maybe Mother Nature will even cooperate.

My wife is even getting into the spring spirit. Nearly every day this week she’s been out on the patio when I came home for lunch. She also jumped the gun on me by buying some seedling kits and planting them at the end of the dining room table.

The seedlings are up now, so she must be watering them regularly but if she doesn’t start thinning the crop soon I fear she’ll be in trouble. It’s early, though, and I think I’ve got time to replant if she doesn’t get a good stand.

On second thought, with the wife taking charge of the early gardening and an extra hour of daylight, maybe I’ll just go find an apricot tree to sit under, or maybe head to the lake with a bucket of minnows.

Ahhh, spring fever is going to be hard to cure this year.