Her story: Women share cultural experiences

Alisa Boswell

Four women of very different backgrounds are offering their personal cultural experiences Wednesday as part of Eastern New Mexico University’s observation of Women’s History Month.

It’s the fourth presentation thus far in a month dedicated to honoring women and their history.

The event includes presentations by Danni Luo; Ms. Black ENMU LaQuethia Patterson; Ms. Mexican ENMU Gabby Galvan; and Ms. Native ENMU Terra Becenti.

“In order to better understand women’s history, we need to look at women’s history in different countries,” said Luo, who is also one of the women’s events coordinators. “Because it’s different for each culture.”

Luo said she plans to speak about stereotypes which are placed upon women in the Chinese culture and whether or not they are true.

Patterson said she plans to talk about the contrasts of how women are treated within her culture and about the prejudices women deal with in the working world.

“I feel honored to be participating in this and to be able to show that women can have power in life too,” Patterson said. “I hope some of the community will come out and see it.”

Becenti said she is going to give a short history of her culture and give a woman’s perspective on how they are treated within the Navajo culture.

“I am super excited about being able to represent the Navajo culture and Navajo women,” Becenti said. “I am honored to be able to be a positive role model for the Navajo people.”

The first event for Women’s History Month included a celebration of flappers and the history of the songs they sang. Husband and wife combination Hoyle Osborne and Jane Voss read the history of each song then performed them.

The next two events were presentations from a psychologist and major in the U.S. Air Force and a representative for the Mary Kay organization.

The two women spoke on their histories and how they built successful careers.

“A lot of the students are liking it because they’re learning not only about other cultures but about the careers they want to choose,” said Daniela Garcia, another event coordinator. “They’ve been asking a lot of questions about what steps they can take to pursue some of these careers.”

The final event, to be held March 29, is a Fitness Camp with Sharesse Sawyer, a personal trainer. She will discuss and demonstrate different ways for women to stay healthy and in shape.

Sawyer said she plans to demonstrate that every day household items, such as a chair and a gallon of milk, can be used for exercising.

“It’s a positive way of honoring women,” Sawyer said. “I love doing things for my community and I am all for helping people to gain more knowledge.”