Berry: Words of encouragement nice to hear

I think every sport or activity should have a cheerleader.

My granddaughter is a cheerleader and she helps to keep her teams motivated. She claps in cadence and chants words of encouragement, when the team needs it most.

I am not really sure what a cheerleader would say to a distance runner.

“Pick up the pace (clap clap clap) Don’t fall on your face!” Although maybe good advice, it’s not that inspiring.

When you are doing a workout of some kind, you may have more of a cheerleader than you imagine. It may come as family members, who tell you that you have done very well and they are proud of you.

It may be coworkers asking for advice or just offering words of encouragement.

It might be your doctor during your yearly visit, telling you whatever you are doing, keep it up.

It is always nice to hear those words of encouragement. It helps to keep you on track and motivated, just like a cheerleader would.

So next time you start a workout, just imagine some cheerleader behind you chanting those words of encouragement.

I can hear them now, “Jump up, Jump down, kick your leg, fall to the ground.”

Now you know why I work out in private.