My turn: Tea soothing after taxing day

I’ve become a fan of hot tea and an occasional coffee drinker.

It was caffeine that drove me to it.

In college, I had a 7:30 a.m. class, and getting up that early after a typical late night, I needed something to keep from nodding off in my next class. I turned to tea.

Later, I restarted up my tea-drinking habit to stay alert at work and developed a real appreciation for the stuff.

Hot peppermint tea can relieve a stomachache, and chamomile with a little lemon and honey can take the edge off a sore throat. Green tea has lots of cancer-fighting antioxidants in it.

Hot black tea — I like Earl Grey — can help with headaches.

And it’s healthy as long as you go easy on the sweetener.

Now, coffee I’ll drink occasionally. Too much throws my system out of whack, but sometimes my tired self wants that extra boost.

Coffee tastes somewhat bitter to me, so sometimes I’ll get it doctored up. More often, I drink it black to keep the calories down.

Somebody once told me I must be a real journalist if I was drinking black coffee.

Is that it?