On the shelves — April 3

The following books are available at:

Clovis-Carver Public Library

“The Warmth of Other Suns: The Epic Story of America’s Great Migration” by Isabel Wilkerson chronicles one of the great untold stories of American history: the decades-long migration of black citizens who fled the South for northern and western cities between 1915 to 1970 in search of a better life.

“Outwitting Trolls: A Brady Coyne Novel” by William Tapply features a Brady Coyne, a Boston attorney who becomes entangled in a perplexing case when a former neighbor is found dead in a hotel room, and the man’s ex-wife becomes the obvious suspect.

“Why We Get Fat and What To Do About It” by Gary Taubes reveals the bad nutritional science of the last century and the good science that has been ignored, especially regarding insulin’s role in the obesity epidemic we face today.

“The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey: A Novel” by Walter Mosley explores the generosity of love and the influence of memory as a seventeen-year-old girl and a ninety-one year-old man form an unexpected friendship that brings him back from the edges of dementia and unlocks the secrets he has carried for decades.

“Common Sense on Mutual Funds: Fully Updated 10th Anniversary Edition” by John Bogle helps you navigate through the staggering array of investment options found in today’s evolving financial landscape and offers valuable guidance for building a portfolio at the lowest cost and risk.

“Secrets to the Grave” by Tami Hoag unites child advocate Anne Leone, her FBI profiler husband Vince, and local deputy Tony Mendez as they search for a murderer whose only witness was the victim’s four-year-old daughter.

“The Hemings of Monticello: An American Family” by Annette Gordon-Reed traces the true story of the family that is connected with close blood ties to our third president, from its origins in Virginia in the 1700’s to its dispersal after Jefferson’s death in 1826.

Portales Public Library

“Red Wagon” by Renata Liwska

Lucy got a brand-new, red wagon and all she wants to do is play with it! Unfortunately, her mother wants her to use that red wagon to go to the market for groceries. Maybe, just maybe, Lucy will have some adventures along the way.

“Coming Back Stronger” by Drew Brees

After a shoulder injury that could have ended his career, Drew Brees along with the entire NFL wondered if he would ever come back to the game of football. In 2005, Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, leaving more than 80 percent of the city underwater and almost 75 percent of the population homeless and in shock– leaving the natives and the world to wonder, if New Orleans will ever come back from this catastrophe. With their stadium transformed into a makeshift refugee camp, the New Orleans Saints were forced to play their entire season on the road, leaving their fans to wonder if the Saints will ever come back. Wonder no more, because Drew Brees, the city of New Orleans, and the Saints have all come back even stronger than before.

“Miss Julia Rocks the Cradle” by Ann B. Ross

Miss Julia promised her husband Sam that she would mind her own business. Now, she can focus on herself, and why someone is writing bad checks in her name! Of course, she will have most of her attention on caring for Hazel Marie as she prepares for a baby. Then again, maybe keeping to herself isn’t such a good thing. Who else will be able to discover why Thurlow Jones is trying to cast suspicion on an innocent person? Miss Julia investigates the death of the body that was in Miss Petty’s tool shed, as well as strives to restore her good name. Trying to get everything into order becomes even more difficult with the arrival of twins and a blizzard.