My turn: Homeschoolers give grade-A performance

I saw a homeschool group performance of “Our Town” last weekend in Clovis, produced by the Clovis Area Home Educators. It featured good acting by talented teens and hit home for me.

I was homeschooled and growing up there were few homeschooling groups available when I was young. It’s nice to see all of the extracurricular activities homeschool students are afforded now, such as sports teams, theater groups and field trips.

My adventures in shooting continue as I attempt to learn how to use my .380 gun. I went to the shooting range Saturday and thankfully, range employees know their stuff because I quickly discovered I still didn’t know what I’m doing.

It was my first time out by myself and it seemed everything I had ever been taught about firing stature leaked from my brain. A range employee found me and began correcting my posture and distance. I’m not sure I would have hit what I was aiming for at all that day if he hadn’t come along.

Don’t forget the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life at 6 p.m. tonight at the Eastern New Mexico University Greyhound Arena. Go show your support for an endeavor that’s about more than entertainment. It’s about helping others while having fun.