City seeking input with online quality of life survey

Alisa Boswell

A new Quality of Life Survey on the city’s website, asking Portales citizens to respond questions about activities and entertainment in Portales.

Chris Taylor, Quality of Life Committee member, said the board was started last fall with the intention of coming up with ways to improve life in Portales.

“As we all started looking at things in the community, we started realizing we all had different ideas of what makes up the quality of life,” Taylor said. “And that there are different types of groups with different needs.”

With this in mind, the committee brought in various types of Portales residents to participate in focus groups, answering questions and having discussions about activities.

Taylor said he looked for repetition and patterns in the information from these focus groups and used that to form the questions for the survey.

“What we are wanting is the community to help us determine what quality of life is in Portales,” Taylor said. “We want to get the word out to the general public so that they can give their input and responses.”

Taylor said some recurring themes within the focus groups were shopping, recreation, entertainment, childcare and health care.

He said two examples of questions on the surveys are whether Portales has enough medical specialists and whether individuals shop in Portales before going somewhere else.

“We want whatever folks in the community would like to see that would make things happier for them, whether it be recreational or more intellectual or spiritual,” Portales Mayor Sharon King said. “Any of those facets. Things that make us a more cohesive community.”

She said a regional committee was also recently started, which looks at possibilities for activities and entertainment that can benefit the communities of Clovis, Portales and Cannon Air Force Base.

“We’ve only had one meeting so far but it was a very productive meeting,” King said. “One thing the Cannon committee came up with that I want to do for next year is a community garden. I think that’s something people in Portales would really enjoy.”

Taylor said the committee put out the survey a few weeks ago and are hoping for at least 250 responses. The deadline is April 29, but King said it may be altered if they have not received enough responses by the end of the month.

“It’s exciting. The bottom line is to just try to make life here better for everyone,” King said. “There are lots of things we can come up with that I think are do-able and people will be interested in. I think it’s things like that that make it seem more like a home for folks.”