Meetings watch: Roosevelt County commisison

At the Roosevelt County commission meeting Tuesday in the county courthouse, commissioners:

• Heard an informational presentation regarding land issues from Kendall Terry.

Terry said a wheat field near his home on Roosevelt Road P off of U.S. 70 has been blowing dust and other matter onto the property of surrounding homes due to the land owner neglecting his crop. The crop is owned by Benny Aday.

Terry said the problems with land debris on area properties began in 2005 when the crop land changed owners. There had been no problems previously.

Commissioners agreed to write the individual a letter, stating that the road department would begin charging him for having to clean up the debris from his land off the roads.

• Heard a request from Arch Fire Chief Cliff Neece for the purchase of a new fire vehicle for the Arch Fire Department.

Neece said the department’s older trucks are beginning to become a safety issue, because they are outdated.

Commissioners agreed to loan the department $166,000 for two new 2008 to 2009 fire trucks.

• Awarded a bid for the roof replacement on the Roosevelt County Detention Center to a contract company.

• Awarded a bid for the base course for Roosevelt County Road Department.

• Approved a contract between the State of New Mexico Aging and Long-term Services Department and Roosevelt County as fiscal agent for the Community Services Center.

• Approved a memorandum of understanding between the New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Department’s Motor Vehicle Division and Roosevelt County for user access to the New Mexico Interactive Online Services.

• Heard reports from county officials.

Sheriff Hooker reported there has been a slight problem with thefts in certain areas of the county, but the problem could be worse. He said they would like county residents to call and report any thefts they have experienced or any suspicious activity.

Detention Center Administrator David Casanova displayed weapons taken off of inmates in the last week, saying inmates have begun breaking Plexiglas windows and ripping electrical wires from walls to use as weapons.

Road department Supervisor Ricky Lovato said his crews are wrapping up on Roosevelt Road 18 and still working on Roosevelt Road U along with fighting fires.

Chairman David Sanders recognized the excellent contribution the road department made to helping in the fire Sunday.

— Compiled by PNT staff writer Alisa Boswell