My turn: Friend gets cleaned out

I’m pretty sure a friend and co-worker of mine wasn’t expecting his experience of being robbed to turn into an entertaining story which would become the life of a party.

This friend called me last week and told me someone had robbed his apartment and taken just about everything. My other friend and I were naturally horrified for him and immediately sprang into action to find ways to resupply his house.

Little did we know, the next day we would receive another phone call from him telling us it was all a mistake. How is robbery a mistake? It is when your realty company sends workers to clean out the wrong apartment.

Last weekend, I had a gathering at my house and his robbery story was immediately the life of the party. He told the whole story, with all the detail and dramatic flair that capture an audience. Who knew the worst day of his life would turn out to be the funniest story at the party?

This weekend is Easter, which means there’s all kinds of events going on for the holidays. Don’t forget to check out the Portales egg hunt at the softball complex, the Eggstravaganza and the Great American Clean-up.