My turn: Using superpowers for good — mostly

I was watching an old television series about a superhero. The guy tells his partner, “I will only use my powers for good.” That sounds like a really good idea to me, but there might be times when we could get more use from those super powers.

Can you imagine a “Dream Team” for the Olympics? The Incredible Hulk would do all of the throwing events. Spiderman would do all of the jumping and hurdles. The Flash would do the 100-yard dash, and the 200. Superman would do all out-distance events. I know it might be kind of exploiting their powers, but maybe just this once.

If those guys would do this for us, the next thing you know we would have Batman teaching drivers education, and Aqua Man would do time as a lifeguard. I guess they probably have pledged to only use their powers for good.

If I had superpowers, I promise I would only use them for good. Except for one little thing. I am thinking that my alternate ego might be either a power forward in NBA, or a running back in the NFL. Or maybe be the first major league pitcher to throw a 300 mile-an-hour fastball. That would be good. Right?