My turn: Ready to run

I want to put on my my my my running shoes!

I read all the ads, I looked in all the stores, and I found the perfect ones. I found my running shoes. I remember when I was a little kid, I had those thin little track shoes.

Everyone had a pair at one time or another, they were not very functional for a daily shoe, but I was convinced when I put them on I could run as fast as the fastest person.

Everyone who knew me then knew that was not true. Fast has never been a word to describe me, but that didn’t really affect me. When I put those shoes on, I was ready to run.

I can’t remember ever winning a race. Once I raced my Mom from our house to LL Brown school, and I was convinced she was going to let me win. She didn’t.

I wander if I am in for a big disappointment with my new shoes. Maybe not, I didn’t get them to run fast, just to run. They are perfect for that. If you drive by and see me running, take a look at those shoes. These shoes are made for running; that’s just what I’ll do.