Residents remember their mothers

Liliana Castillo

Clovis resident Don Reid wrote to his mother as a 19-year-old Army recruit in Vietnam.

Reid wrote 170 letters to his mother Dorothy Reid in a year’s time while he served in Vietnam. That means he wrote home at least three times a week.

A few months before his mother died in May 2009, she gave him a boxes of things she had saved over the years. Included were the letters.

Reid said looking over the letters he realized they were redundant and probably revealed too much about his harsh living environment.

“I wrote mostly to let her know I was OK,” Reid said. “I probably told her too much about the war. The things I wrote probably worried her.”

Reid said he and his mother never talked about the letters after he returned home and he didn’t know she’d kept them until she gave him the boxes.

Reid’s mother died of a brain tumor on May 30, 2009.

Also in the box, Reid found six poems he wrote as a senior in high school. Finding them and knowing that his mother had kept them for all that time made Reid want to write poetry again.

He wrote one for his mother in January 2010 and he said writing it helped him grieve.

When Mother’s Day comes around, Reid thinks about the people his mother helped and influenced.

“Jesus called Peter the Rock. If my mother had a name from Jesus it would be the Refuge. If anyone came to her with a need, she would take care of it with no condemnation,” he said.