Mr. Miyagi had right advice

I was watching an old “Karate Kid” movie a few nights ago.

I am not sure which number it was, but I was enjoying that dancing machine Daniel as he did the “wax on, wax off” routine.

At one point Mr. Miyagi told him he did not have balance. Daniel was pretty sure he had good balance; he was at that time standing on a small round log, balanced on one leg. Miyagi told him he was not talking about physical balance, but balance in life.

So that’s what it is, balance. All along I have thought it was many things, but it was balance. Like deciding when to work, when to play and when to do things just for yourself.

For you to get good at something, playing an instrument, or a sport, you always have to practice. When you first get started, practice can be a challenge, for everyone involved. How many times did your piano teacher remind you to practice everyday? Around my house it was also the neighbors complaining about the noise. I think there were times when they would have paid for me not to practice.

But nothing good is going to happen without practice. When practice is not a chore, but fine tuning of what you do, that is balance.