My turn: Hurdles just part of life

I ran the hurdles once. I was never on the track team, but I did give the hurdles a try.

When I was in junior high, I was the manager for the track team. My job was making sure that all of the starting blocks were put out and then picked up. I also had to make sure the hurdles were put in the right place.

Track was a real learning experience for us. We had some good teachers. Several members of the Eastern New Mexico University track team came out and gave us pointers.

I watched while one of them explained the hurdles and how to do them. It didn’t sound that difficult to me. I was convinced I could do it.

I guess I must have said something to that effect, and he told me to try it. I did.

I got halfway over, then I hit high center on the hurdle. I rolled onto the ground in obvious pain. It just didn’t work the way he explained that it would.

I slowly got to my feet, while he used me as an example of how not to do the hurdles. When someone asked me why I was walking funny, I ran the hurdles.

That was all I needed to say.