My turn: Inmates inspiring as graduates

I interviewed students from seven graduating classes this week, all of whom were passionate and excited about their big day. But I think the graduating class where I had the most fun with was the Roosevelt County Detention Center inmates who graduated from their parenting class on Tuesday.

I laughed and joked with them and heard profound statements on life from them.

What struck me the most was unlike the other graduates who were glad to see it end, they were sad to be done with the course and rather than being ready for a new chapter, they saw their class as being the first step in a new chapter they’ve already begun. It was an inspiring story to write.

I recently watched “Fast Five” in theaters and it’s definitely worthwhile. The first movie will always be the best but this one was definitely good. If you like movies with gorgeous fast cars that explode and fly through the air, this is the movie for you.

If you want rattlesnake safety tips, go out to Oasis State Park Saturday at 7 p.m. and don’t forget to register your children for Kid’s College at Clovis Community College.