Nation gives us much to be grateful for

Seldom do we hear about good things but on any given day. We have more blessings than problems. Despite all the bad news, many great things can be said about this country. I can name so many that reams of paper would be required. I bet you could add your list to mine with many more.

So the next time we feel down about all the negatives, let’s think about the overwhelming positives surrounding us. I can find them just waiting to be appreciated. One never misses something until it is taken away. Here are some of the many things I love about America:

Attending the church of my choice,

Voting at the polls to have a voice.

Marrying the love of my life,

Loving to be my husband’s wife.

Roses growing at my gate,

A dove singing to his mate.

The phone call, “Hi Mom, it is me,

“Have you put up the Christmas tree?”

Waving at neighbors down the street,

A hug and laugh from those I greet.

Children’s laughter that brings me cheer,

My loving Savior who is always near.

People helping people in my hometown,

Ram’s marching band, I love that sound.

God’s holy hush, putting nature to bed,

The warm soft feeling after prayers are said.

My husband’s cologne lingers in the room,

A good-bye kiss, “I’ll be back at noon.”

A love note lying on his favorite chair,

Knowing he secretly put it there.

A dream come true with lots of hard work,

A loving father whose role is not shirked.

Reading the Bible for a lifetime guide,

An older couple with a halting stride.

Friends and neighbors who mean so much,

Loving and caring with a tender touch.

Community leaders who do their best,

To keep us safe with peace and rest.

Hearing “Taps” played with a trickling tear,

Living in America I hold so dear.

Our country’s flag that waves so free,

The red, white and blue are special to me.

Waking up to God’s gift of another day,

The smell of honeysuckle along the way.

A rainbow after a summer’s welcome rain,

The whistle sound of a midnight train.

Steeples on churches and bells that chime,

Teachers who work often overtime.

Forgiving those who trespass against me,

Being proud of ancestors and the family tree.

Farmers who work from dawn until night,

Restaurants opening at day’s early light.

Mountain moving faith, refusing defeat,

Giving a smile to all those you meet.

People who pray and are always kind,

Not holding grudges nor deceit in mind.

Remembering veterans who gave us their all,

Being proud of our country and standing tall.

Righting the wrongs whenever we can,

Living at peace with our fellowman.

Cherishing freedom and the blessing brought,

Honoring the memory of those who have fought.

Those who died so we might be free,

Giving my gratitude for liberty.

People helping those with many needs,

Thanking God for their good deeds.

The beauty of nature with a sky so blue,

Being grateful to God for such a view.

A field of grain with its wondrous glow,

The harvest of fall, working row by row.

So many things to be thankful for,

Do I need to say anything more?

What’s right with our country,

What is its great might?

It’s God-fearing people who try to do right.