My turn: President deserving of respect

To spotlight American jurisprudence, I would have preferred that we had captured Osama bin Laden, given him a fair trial, then executed him — but I won’t quibble.

Besides hard-to-resist revenge for 9/11, his death highlighted birthers’ pettifoggery.

Although a legal short-form birth certificate for President Obama had been released, and a news clipping announcing his birth, it wasn’t until Hawaii made a special exception at the president’s request and released his long-form birth certificate that the wind in birthers’ sails began fizzling — stranding them on the Isle of Thinly-Disguised Racism.

No matter how opposed one may have been to the president’s policies, the rabid hate and stunning ignorance in questioning his citizenship and patriotism was unworthy.

Now that bin Laden’s briny baptism showed detractors the president is resolute about national security, and that it can be accomplished while having respectful, articulate dialogues with those with whom we disagree, the birther babble has joined bin Laden on the bottom.

Hopefully, the dignity with which our mixed-race president responded to such slave-master slander enlightened day-after-election quarterbacks slinging Hail-Mary delusions about replays overturning democratic decisions.

The bullet-to-the-brain not only killed an egomaniacal terrorist clinging to AK-47s and religious perversions, but bigoted blather.

Feel free to hate our president’s policies, but not the man.