My turn: Calling all kickball players

I recently saw a flyer from the Portales Recreation Center, for a kickball tournament. I don’t want to brag, but I used to be pretty good at kickball.

I played a lot in grade school. Not for exercise, it was just what we did. We would choose teams and one team would take the field while the other would kick.

Whoever was kicking would tell the pitcher how to throw it. You could get it, slow and steady, or fast and bumpy.

You kicked the ball, then ran as fast as you could before they grabbed the ball and hit you with it. I am not sure that is the way they will play it in the tournament, but that is what we did.

There were some guys that were pretty good kickball players. They were usually the ones running out every day to get the game started.

We didn’t have uniforms, we just knew who was on what team. We didn’t have any special equipment, I think there were a few guys who played in cowboy boots.

We didn’t know if it was good for us or not, we just did it.

Maybe it is time for a good game of kickball, any one up for it?