My turn: Traveling scarf starts friendships

Alisa Boswell

I have had a project going on Facebook called Friendship of the Traveling Scarf. A friend gave me a bright and colorful scarf in February and in a fit of spontaneity and boredom, I took about five self-portraits with the scarf and posted them on Facebook.

After this, the friend who gave me the scarf came to visit again and I took pictures of him with it to go with mine. After these pictures, I decided ‘why stop there?’ I titled the album on Facebook Friendship of the Traveling Scarf and the adventure began. It has now grown to include numerous pictures and people and I have even more people posting on my wall that they too want to be part of the friendship scarf.

It struck me as awesome and slightly funny that something which started as a random moment of self-photography has now grown into a really incredible friendship circle where a lot of people come together to laugh.

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