Help your kids make a personalized Father’s Day gift

Disney FamilyFun magazine

Have your kids make a home-made gift this Father’s Day _ and deliver it wrapped in something they made, too.

Decorated Dad-Clips

Binder clips are indispensable tools for the modern dad. Beyond fastening papers together, they hold chip bags closed, keep computer cords organized, and can even be used as a money clip. Kids can help decorate a set of clips to give Dad on Father’s Day. For large binder clips, cut a child’s drawing into 2- by 3 [-inch pieces. Coat the back of each piece with a thin layer of glue, then wrap it around the outside of one of the clips.

Kids’ extra artwork can be used for one-of-a-kind wrapping paper, bookmarks, or even (when run through a paper shredder) colorful packing material and confetti.

Camera Card

This photogenic Father’s Day card takes aim at the hearts of shutterbug fathers everywhere.

First, paint the inside and sides of a clean, wide jar lid (such as the lid from a peanut butter jar) with black acrylic paint and let it dry. Cut a photo to fit the inside of the lid, and attach it with glue dots or double-sided tape. Fold a half-sheet of black card stock in half, and cut two sections from the folded edge, as shown. Add simple camera details with silver paint marker, then adhere the jar lid to the front of the card. Inside, write a camera-related message: “You’re a pictureperfect dad!” or “Dad, you always make us smile.”