My turn: Age no excuse for inaction

I went to the eye doctor last week. It has been a pretty long time since I have been and I think I know why I waited so long.

I sat in the chair and the doctor gave me the once over. When he got finished, he said, ”You have pretty good eyesight, for your age.”

Those last three words are the ones we don’t want to hear from a doctor, a dentist or anyone in any part of the medical field. Those words mean you’re getting older.

It sure got me to thinking. I recall (with some difficulty) several things that I once could do with little to no effort that now seem to be a real challenge.

Maybe it is because of my eyesight. Maybe my eyes have made it more difficult for me to see the obstacles in front of me. That could have some advantages, maybe a good excuse to not getting something done. “I just didn’t see it,” I could tell people.

So much for that excuse. I got brand new glasses … well, actually contact lenses, but my excuse for not doing something is still gone.

I might have another idea. I need to see the dentist next week, where I am sure my teeth will be in great shape, for my age.