My turn: Day trips made summer vacations

We never went to Disney Land when I was a kid.

My vacation thrill was watching the Brady Bunch go to Hawaii. We mostly took day trips. However, two trips qualify as real summer vacations, granted they weren’t Disneyland; the year we went to Las Vegas (New Mexico) and when we camped in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains near Santa Fe.

Although it was Vegas, N.M., that was the one time we stayed in a hotel, and with a swimming pool. Dad swam with us girls. We went to the Fourth of July parade downtown. It felt weird because that’s the only Fourth when we weren’t at Grandma Emma’s popping Black Cats with Paul and Mark.

We went to a beautiful shrine near Villanueva and to a church in Mora where an image of Jesus was reportedly appearing on a wall.

Although my childhood travel was limited, I think of a family featured around 2000 in the Hobbs News-Sun, where I worked. This family took a map and randomly picked a vacation spot. They could have done Disney, but the finger landed on Lovington, and so they ended up there for the Lea County Fair and Rodeo in early August and got to enjoy a nice little parade, complete with a septic tank on wheels.