My turn: Extra wraps good with fruit

What better way to use extra egg roll wraps than in a healthy dessert?

OK, that’s not a common question, but a package of egg roll wraps had more wraps than I needed for a dinner recipe. So, I experimented.

Fruit Pockets

• Egg roll wraps

• 1/4 cup berries or chopped fruit per wrap

• Artificial sweetener

• 1 Tablespoon fat-free cream cheese per wrap, optional

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Put about 1/4 cup fruit in the center of each wrap. Sprinkle generously with sweetener. Top with cream cheese if desired. Fold edges of wrap toward the center, covering filling, and pinch edges together to form a bundle. Bake on a cookie sheet until golden brown on top, 10-15 minutes.

The pockets work hot or cold, and make a good snack leftover.

For the fruit, I recommend pitted sweet cherries or sliced banana. I didn’t like strawberries in the pockets, but maybe they’d be better with more sweetener.

You can buy cherries conveniently frozen and pitted. Thaw them before you use them.

You can adjust the fruit and amount of sweetener, and add whatever spices you want.

One more thing: Be aware that egg roll wraps should be refrigerated.

Happy wrapping.